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12/03/24; New layout after a 3-ish month hiatus. Not too different [Archive]

Hey! Miss the old site layout? Some pages may not be available, but it's right here.

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Current Projects

Riding Past the End of the World

My playthrough of the post-apocalyptic journal adventure by npckc. I won't be releasing the pages in their entirety until I actually complete the game one way or another.

Girl the Goblin

Atmospheric point-and-click experience about the yearning for your lowest low. Mention of substances, depression, and body dysmorphia. A super cathartic project I've had to put on hold for my studies, unfortunately.

Other Projects/Ideas

On Yellow Hill Hiatus Inspired by the mundane half-term holidays of my highschool years, a silly little visual novel through a sepia lense.
Love and Java Hiatus A classic NVL-style interactive dialogue between you and the sleep demon.

About this Site

My spot on the decentralised web. Manifesto soon???

About the Webmaster

I'm a UK-based creator and lover of contemporary medias, simply put? I like games and TV and film an--

Scorpio ☼ Sagittarius ☾ Gemini ↗
♡ ─ ⊹ ˚₊ They/She Genderfluid [INFP-T]

My interests are sporadic at best, but the pen's been in my hand since diapers. More recently, I've become a scrapbook fiend. I'm also a burlesque performer!

You can probably find me everywhere with the Taterinx handle. As for if I'm active on everything?... Meh. Send me an email.

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